Track Rules

1. Shoes/t-shirt/pants (preferably jeans) required by all drivers.
2. Coolant overflow tank of at least 16oz required on every liquid cooled engine.
3. Driveshaft loop required on cars running 13.99 or quicker using slicks. But not required on cars running 11.49 and slower running street tires. Loop must be within 6 inches of front U-joint. Driveshaft must be in 360 degrees of enclosure, 1/4 inch min thickness and 2 inches wide or 7/8 inch x .0625 inch welded steel tubing.
4. Dual return springs required on all throttle return linkages.
5. Cars with automatic transmissions must have a spring loaded positive reverse lock-out device and neutral safety switch.
6. Roll bar mandatory in all cars running 11.00 to 11.99 and in convertibles running 11.00 to 13.99, and in dune-buggy type vehicles running 12.00 seconds and slower. Permitted in all cars.
7. Roll cage mandatory in cars running 10.99 or quicker, or any car exceeding 135 mph. Full bodied cars, with unaltered firewall, floor and body (from firewall rearward, wheeltubs permitted), running between 10.00 and 10.99 roll bar permitted in place of roll cage. Cars running between 7.50 and 9.99 must have chassis inspected every three-years and have a serialized sticker affixed to cage before participation. Must conform to specs for body style used.
8. SFI seat belts required in cars with roll bars or roll cages.
9. Helmets required for all cars, and must be Snell 2005 or better for vehicles running 13.49 and faster.
10. All cars must have a clean undercarriage, free of mud and foreign material. Cars with oil leaks will not be allowed down the track.
11. No plastic fuel filters.
12. Fuel lines can only have a maximum of 12″ total of rubber line (tank to carb), the rest must be steel, steel braided and/or NHRA approved.
13. Battery hold downs required on all cars. Bolts must be 3/8 in diameter unless stock equipped.
14. Traction bars must have retention devices on the front – chained/cabled/u-bolted to prevent contact with ground.
15. Nitrous bottles in the drivers compartment must be vented outside and equipped with a relief valve. Bottles must be stamped with a DOT-1800 pound rating and permanently mounted.
16. SFI jacket mandatory for cars 13.99 and quicker with aftermarket turbo(s)/supercharger(s)/or nitrous.
17. Bolt on hubcaps must be removed for inspectors. Snap on hubcaps prohibited.
18. The thread engagement on all wheel studs/nuts must be equivalent to or greater than the diameter of the stud.
19. Must have at least one functional taillight.
*** Disclaimer – All NHRA rules apply where not otherwise indicated here! ***

“The club members and voluntary staff of SCDRA always welcome and encourage new racers to participate in our events. Racing requires a certain amount of attention and safety so we have compiled a basic list of the minimum requirements for a new racer to help prepare their equipment for its first trip to the track. If there are any questions beyond what is covered here feel free to call or email one of the club members for more information. Advanced racers need to realize that their vehicles must be able to pass a standard NHRA tech inspection to race on our track.”